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How to Pick the Right Cannabis Consumption Method

chocolate edibles

How to Pick the Right Cannabis Consumption Method

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The legalization of cannabis opens many doors for cannabis consumption in the united states.

Cannabis is being used around the world as a recreational drug and as a medicine. It is also very popular when it comes to smoking. In this article, I will be talking about all the right ways you can consume Marijuana in your body.

The right consumption methods include smoking, vaporization, cannabis edibles tinctures, transdermal patches, dabbing, and twaxing.

Twaxing is a new form of consumption, and it is being popularized on the internet for its high consumption of cannabis.

Many people associate cannabis with the devil’s plant, which is wrong because that is the weed. Both plants are different and cause different effects on the body.


The most common consumption of cannabis for decades is smoking. Smoking requires more than a vessel and a lighter, there are alternative methods when it comes to smoking marijuana, they are listed below

  • Pack the cannabis into a joint
  • Roll it into a joint
  • Load it inside a bong

Smoking cannabis means inhaling heated flowers. The effects of marijuana smoking happen instantly, and it starts after 90 minutes and ends after three hours or so. Just like smoking cigarettes or vaping the downsides of smoking cannabis include the damage of the respiratory system, especially the lungs.


A vaporizer is a device that heats cannabis, or it gives a certain temperature ranging from 157 Celsius to 227 Celsius. It depends on the manufacturer, but most vaporizers fall in this range. The effects of vaporization are also felt instantly, which makes dosage control easy. Because the vaporization excludes all the plant material, the marijuana you smoke with vaporization doesn’t include any tar or carcinogens. Tar and carcinogens damage your respiratory system, so to be safe its best to use vaporization for the consumption of marijuana . Vaping offers an immediate controllable and consumption relief without the concentration of plant material that may damage your respiratory system.

Edibles and Medicated sodas

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The sudden increase of cannabis has led to new creations, which means you can now consume marijuana by eating them. Edibles such as chocolate cannabis can be eaten, the effect of cannabis takes time, but generally, they provide the same experience. The experience also lasts 4 to 5 hours longer. Edibles can also be made inside your house, by just mixing any sort of cannabis into your food. Many people make chocolate edibles inside their homes, by mixing baking powder with some cannabis.

There are also medicated sodas made from marijuana and vegetable oil pills. Vegetable oil pills can be swallowed through the mouth. There also edibles products that are selling in the market, such as CBD gummies and THC gummies. These types of gummies relieve pain, stress, and anxiety for the consumer.

The downside, however, includes delayed effect timing and if eaten on an empty stomach can lead to fast digestion of the edibles.

However, if you’re looking into edibles products, I would recommend trying edible gummies.


Tinctures were once the most common use in the united states for medical purposes back in the 19th century. They were used by doctors to treat patients with headaches. Instant relieve from cannabis did fix their headaches, but it led to many respiratory problems for the user. So, they were banned in 1937 by the United States of America.

After their ban in 1937, they went off the market. But since cannabis became legal again, you can now consume cannabis through tinctures. Tinctures include heavy doses of marijuana. It takes 15 minutes for the effects to take place. To use tinctures properly, place them inside your tongue and keep swallowing the liquated marijuana constantly until it stops. Tinctures can also be added to your drink.

Transdermal Patch

The transdermal patch works just like a nicotine patch, it’s usually used in hospitals. If your addicted to marijuana and would like to get over your addiction you can use a transdermal patch. This means that a patch will be applied to your body, presumably on your back, and it will have an injector in it. From time to time, it will give very fewer drops of cannabis into your body, the effects happen on the 15th min mark and end in an hour.



These are just canned cannabis in the form of oil. They are used to make your skin healthier. It can be applied directly to the skin and are localized to relieve pain and stress. They are the perfect solution to muscle pain. They are also useful for treating people with arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis.


Dabbing is a nail that comes with a vaporizer. It generally heats the cannabis at very high temperatures presumably around 500 Fahrenheit to 900 Fahrenheit. Depending on the temperature, marijuana consumption is felt instantly. Lower temperatures produce vapors instead of smoke. The best part about dabbing is that it offers a clean experience, without the plant material. However, it is not suggested for a novice consumer.


Another popular technique that has been floating around the internet, mostly Instagram, is twaxing. Twaxing means rolled joints, it is a combination of rolled joints and marijuana. It can be shared in groups, as you can imagine, this is also not suitable for the novice consumer.


chocolate edibles

The novice consumer should go for the best options available which are vaporizers and just outright smoking cannabis. Other options include eating cannabis by inserting cannabis into your food. Cannabis edibles are better since their effects last longer and are felt instantly. Chocolate edibles are the most popular among teens. Twaxing is very popular on the internet for several reasons, teens generally like to spend less money on anything, so they decide to roll a few joints of cannabis and can be shared around a group of friends. However, it is not safe for any person to do twaxing as the effects are felt instantly and the plant consumption in twaxing is very high. I would avoid twaxing altogether.

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