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Do CBD Edibles Show Up on a Drug Test?

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Do CBD Edibles Show Up on a Drug Test?

A lot of CBD consumers worry about whether or not the employment attorney would be able to trace CBD edibles in their drug testing. CBD is a well-known drug that is also called cannabidiol. There are certain countries where companies conduct drug testing whenever recruiting new employees as it helps them in determining what kind of person the employee is and whether his background is clean or not. There are different procedures for conducting a drug test, including urine testing, blood testing, hair testing, etc. Each one of them has its own capability to detect certain substances. We believe that urine testing is the most reliable form of drug testing as it is able to detect most of the drugs.

Now the question arises whether or not CBD edibles show up on a drug test. We are sure that you would never want to miss out on a good job opportunity due to your previous drug consumption, which is why it is important to be careful with drugs. Many people have this misconception that employment attorneys conduct drug testing to detect any traces of CBD edibles; however, it is quite the opposite of what they are actually looking for.cbd edibles

You will be shocked to know that CBD edibles by themselves are not prohibited or illegal. Many patients take prescriptions of CBD edibles. Thus, the employment attorneys are actually looking for traces of delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an active ingredient found in marijuana. This ingredient is what makes people high and intoxicated after they consume any drugs.

CBD edibles may or may not show up on a drug test conducted by an employment attorney. It all depends upon the quality of the product that you are consuming and the amounts of THC it contains. If the CBD you recently consumed contains high levels of THC, then your drug test would be positive for sure, however, if you had consumed a good quality CBD, then your drug test won’t be positive as these products contain only about 0.3% of THC in them.

As a CBD consumer, you should know that Epidiolex is the only CBD based product that has been approved by the FDA. Epidiolex is used as an epilepsy medication and can only be bought through a prescription, therefore don’t purchase any other health-related CBD product as it won’t be approved by the FDA, this would most likely contain high levels of THC.cbd edibles

Final Remarks:
CBD is popular among people due to its therapeutic properties, however many people fear consuming it due to its link with THC and cannabis. People don’t want to face any job repercussions due to their consumption of CBD. However, what these people don’t is that they don’t have to fear consuming CBD edibles as it is harmless. What they need to take care of is that the CBD edibles that they consume don’t contain high levels of THC, and they’re good to go.

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